Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Advice from a Master Blogger

When you're looking to rejuvenate your blogging routine, a good place to start is one of several tip sheets by social media expert Chris Brogan. "Write Better Blog Posts Today" is his latest post on the subject.

Granted, his blog is geared primarily for those most interested in blogging as a marketing tool. However, would-be journalists and others in the media also will find plenty to get them thinking. Today, for instance, he writes about selecting subjects, titles, style and language:
"Above all else, when choosing your preferred subject, consider writing about something that will be useful to others. Equipping other people to succeed (like I attempt with this blog) is a great way to build your prominence within the space. If you’re really into knitting, don’t just write that you love knitting; show people how you created that amazing iPhone cozy, and explain why you prefer wood to aluminum needles (hint: airport security)."
"I try to write in a conversational tone, and yet informative. This is my choice of style. You might choose a more formal tone. You might choose a more conversational tone. Blogging, overall, is a bit more conversational than traditional journalistic style, written as if you and I are conversing. This suits most people just fine."
"And finally, if no one’s reading your stuff, you’ve gotta consider why. Is it bad writing? Is it too long? Is it not visually broken up for people’s eyes to scan? Is the topic too minor for people to consider? Or are you posting at the wrong times? There are lots of things to troubleshoot. Just don’t leave it be. Try something. Try something with each new post."
Brogan ends by linking to many of his previous posts on blogging, including his "best" advice, how to blog every day and brainstorming.

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