Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NY Times Columnist Sums Up the Year in Media

What kind of year was it for the media? Well, not all bad, according to "After a Year of Ruin, Some Hope," a media column by David Carr in the New York Times.

Some highlights:
  • Bloggers are getting serious, breaking stories and showing that good journalism isn't the sole domain of "old media"
  • Technology-fueled media start-ups are showing the way to "media next"
  • TV is far from dead when you consider breakthrough hits such as "Mad Men" and "Glee"
  • Dave Eggers and his friends print ... a Newspaper!
Adds Carr:
... The constellation of local news sites put together by ex-newspaper folks include the big and well-financed like Texas Tribune (, the small and charming like Baltimore Brew ( and some experiments that seem less tentative all the time, like MinnPost ( and Voice of San Diego (

It’s a reminder that journalists will do anything to avoid getting real jobs, including conjuring a new kind of workplace that doesn’t include any of the legacy costs of trucks and printing presses.
Bring on 2010.

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Photo credit: "Cover of the Last Edition of the Rocky Mountain News" by Scorpions and Centaurs, courtesy of Commons

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