Friday, December 4, 2009

Luckie's 7 Rules of Blogging - D'oh!

I can always count on 10,000 Words by Mark Luckie to reinforce the blogging lessons my students are learning this term in News Reporting and Photojournalism -- post often, check your spelling, add links...

So today Luckie has seven reminders for those new to blogging, or those who've been at it awhile but may be getting lazy. Here's his take on frequent posting: "If your posts are months apart and your last few posts apologize for not blogging enough, do your readers and yourself a favor and just close up shop." Ouch!

Other no-no's: Talking down to readers, going off topic, turning off comments, not supplying an RSS feed.

"A blog isn't just about writing," Luckie reminds us, "it's about stimulating conversation and discussion. If your readers have no way of responding to a post then you look like a jerk. Even worse: turning off comments on a particular post because someone disagrees with you." D'oh!

If you don't have Luckie's 10,000 Words on your blog list, you should.



Maya Lazaro said...

I totally do that thing where I wait months between blog posts. I wish I could be more frequent. Maybe next quarter I will post all of my stories, so there will be a new post every week.

joel said...

wow, that seems like some good advice. i guess i need to incorporate some of that.