Thursday, July 16, 2009

When You've Only Got Time to Scan...

This week the Media & Society class is examining newspapers, their storied history and their uncertain future. One of the students' assignments is to discuss ideas for transforming newspapers so they can survive and grow.

Obviously, this is going to take some innovation. So speaking of innovation, 10,000 Words alerted followers to a unique headline service that USA Today is trying out.

Called "NewsDeck," it features scrolling headlines in eight categories that correspond to the newspaper's regular sections: News, Sports, Money, Life... When you find a headline that interests you, click and it takes you to the story on USA Today's Web site.

It's kind of funky. Who knows whether it will catch on, or if other newspapers can do something similar.

NewsDeck is one of several headline-service innovations highlighted by 10,000 Words. The others are from the New York Times, Google and DoodleBuzz.


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Kent said...

I love this news deck thing. I like BBC's reporting, but I find that it is laborious to scan the headlines thoroughly, so I generally only read a few top stories. I started using Yahoo news because it has a concise home page with lots of headlines by category. But these scrolling boxes are great, lots of info, quickly accessible.