Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making Multimedia Fun

LinkAmid all the serious talk about journalism and its role in our democracy, it's always good to keep watch on the media landscape for all the fun stuff that many journalists and others are doing out there.

Here's a few examples, beginning with the LBCC production of the the "pop-up" roadrunner, the school's mascot. It's now getting some run on the Commuter Web site. It was put together by some of the creative types at LBCC's Student Life and Leadership office.

The second is a piece from the New York Times called "The Water Dance." Though dated and maybe better titled "The Slush Dance," it's still fun to watch, especially for those of us from not-so-mild home states. (Thanks to 10,000 Words for bringing this to my attention.)


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Anonymous said...

Me me me! Hey - I made the Roadrunner Popping Into Frame! I wanted to do something fun and different and dip into some of the "new media" so I got together with Anne-Marie and told her about my 2 ideas for funny videos - this one and the Guitar Hero one. She's in the RR outfit and the student is named Susan. It was originally used mixed in a photo slideshow I made that was running while CHS students were seated in the theater one day last year for a campus visit. I later put it on YouTube so the world could enjoy it! The whole point was to make something fun and hopefully interesting to potential and incoming students, and not something that seemed like stuffy, old or traditional. Plus the original SNL sketch really cracked me up and I saw a lot of people on YouTube were making their won versions, so I thought it would be fun to feature out roadrunner in one! - Joe Sherlock