Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's a Blog? Video Explains It All

A student in my Photojournalism class at LBCC came upon this simple but effective video that shows what blogging is all about.

The three-minute video, "Blogs in Plain English," was produced by Lee and Sachi LeFever for The Commoncraft Show. It's worth taking a look, especially if you're wondering just what blogging is and why it's growing exponentially.

It's among a variety of interesting videos, including explanations of Twitter, social media, phishing scams, and podcasting. You'll want to get the lowdown on zombies, too.

Thanks, Frank, for the tip.


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Kent said...

Wow! Great video. I think the idea of "news" is fundamental. Before blogs, we often said: "let's make a webpage." Generally we had to ask a "professional" to help us create the page. Everytime we wanted to change its content, a "professional" had to help. So web pages tended to be relatively static. Blogs are web pages that can be easily amended and added to.
No "professional" required. Now add tags, live links, rss feeds and a search feature. Blogs are interactive in a way that the previous web pages seldom were.