Thursday, January 15, 2009

'Pinata of Dreams': LBCC Ezine Deadline Nears

Time is growing short for those who would like to contribute to this year's LBCC ezine -- "Pinata of Dreams," a soon-to-be-published online collection of art, photography, poetry, stories, prose, music, videos...

"There's still time!" wrote faculty advisor and LBCC English instructor Natalie Daley.

The deadline is Jan. 20 (or soon after, if you contact Natalie).

If you need more inspiration, check out last year's edition, "Creative Highway."

Here's some submission guidelines and other things to know from Natalie:
Piñata of Dreams, LBCC’s ezine, reflects the original prose and poetry; instrumental and sung music; videos and film; photography, crafts, and art of students, staff, and our community.
Decisions about the content and design of Creative Highway are governed by two classes:
• Writing 247, Literary Publications, winter quarter, will select its contents from submissions collected November 1-January 18, 2009.
• Writing 246, spring quarter, will design and produce the all electronic version, available mid-spring quarter, 2009.
Parameters for submitting material:
• One submission (poem, story, photo, etc.) with agreement form per email.
• Written materials should use easily readable/reproducible fonts such as Times, Helvetica, or Palatino.
• Prose should be under 2,500 words.
• Poetry should be under 500 words.
• Art and photography should under 10 megs.
• Music, video, or film should be three minutes or less.
• Resolution of all submissions should be limited to 300 dpi.
• JPEG, MOV, and MP3 formats should be used to submit materials.

You’ll be notified, electronically, of Writing 247’s decision for acceptance of your material by March 21, 2009.
Questions? Contact Natalie Daley, faculty advisor, at, 541-917-4573, or during office hours in North Santiam Hall 211.

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