Wednesday, January 28, 2009

College Media Copes With Tough Times

Just in case you were thinking college media might be immune from the ills bringing down the newspaper industry ... think again.

Today's MediaShift column highlights some of the steps college papers are taking to weather the economic downturn, from cutting the number of daily editions published to eliminating summer publications and reducing other expenses.

At the Commuter, we feel fortunate to have maintained a steady number of ads while gradually expanding our online audience and advertising. A growing, enthusiastic news staff reflects the continued interest in journalism among LBCC students.

As I was telling one of my teaching colleagues this afternoon, this is an exciting time to be in college media. I applaud my students and other young journalists who recognize that the multi-media skills they are building today will be in even higher demand tomorrow, even if it's difficult to foresee the future of journalism.



Kent said...

Hey, I didn't know the commuter was on-line. Maybe I was spacing out when you mentioned it. Or maybe you just figured we all knew.
Anyway, I find it much easier and rewarding to read the news on-line.
Live links. Archives. Google search right there if I want to follow up on something. Etc. Etc.

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