Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bloggers Excel Where Other Media Won't

Moo cards for blogging workshop

Where newspapers and other media neglect to cover issues important to readers, bloggers are filling the void, according to a Simon Owens on MediaShift.

He chronicles several places where bloggers have taken on a particular topic -- politics, crime, land-use planning -- and gained a significant following. Why? Because people passionate about those issues see that bloggers share their passion and often are better connected than those in the media.

Another attraction? Bloggers aren't afraid to call it as they see it. And why shouldn't they if they've built their credibility by providing readers with the most timely, accurate and extensive coverage. Owens notes:
"As city daily papers continue to strain under the pressure of massive reporter layoffs, hundreds of knowledgeable and independent local bloggers are rising up and finding themselves with small, niche audiences that sometimes provide massive political sway."
The rising ability of bloggers to better serve these "niche audiences" is one of the reasons we're teaching young journalists this valuable skill.


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