Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real-life Journalists? I Don't Think So

You can always count on Mark Luckie's "10,000 Words" to make you think or provide a touch of humor. Today it's the latter.

I laughed out loud at his roundup of stock photos of journalists and the question, "Do Journalists Actually Look Like This?" Ah, no...

I've known plenty of guys who were just as dorky as some of these (and I'm not ruling myself out!) ... Thankfully most of the news women I've known and worked with over the years have been nothing like these "news babes." In real life, the female journalists I've had the good fortune to work with are best described as smart, attractive and professional, in no particular order.

Luckie's also compiled a fun montage of fictional journalists.


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Karelia said...

Darn it! I thought if I became a journalist I would suddenly be six feet tall and look great in a shredded, leather bathing suit. Oh well...I better stick with English.