Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Newseum Shares Front Pages to Remember

Thanks to my LBCC English Department colleague Greg Rathert for reminding me of a great resource not just for newspaper junkies. Every day the Newseum displays newspaper front pages from around the nation and around the world.

They are always particularly striking on "big" news days, such as elections and other events. It's fascinating to see how other parts of the country perceive the news, and how the media shares that news with its readers.

And if you've never been the the Newseum, be sure to include it among your stops the next time you venture to Washington, D.C. It's well worth the trip.


Brian said...

"Newseum" reminds me of a museum that I went to in DC over the summer. The place was called Newseum as well. It gave a brief history of printing, and the development of the paper. It also had some famous headlines from over the years. It was sort of a disappointment however, they could have done more, and gone more in depth with things.

Halee-jn216 said...
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Halee-jn216 said...

me and my mom have a bunch of the front page election newspapers and i guess they are selling like crazy on ebay!