Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Ahead, Check Out 'The Daily Wrazz'

Looking for a good blog about music, or just something that's fun to read? Check out The Daily Wrazz by Cory Frye.

As Cory writes in his debut post from a few days ago: "'The Daily Wrazz' is dedicated to culture of all kinds. There are no guilty pleasures here, just pleasures, period."

I've known Cory since he was a part-timer writing "scurrilous" movie and music reviews for the weekly Entertainer section of the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Those days may be long gone, but not Cory's unbridled enthusiasm for culture as well as the written word. Take today's post, for example. I'm no fan of Christina Aguilera, but I enjoyed Cory's take on whether she "Keeps Gettin' Better."

Cory notes in his intro piece:
All my life, whenever someone’s asked about my favorite music or whatever, my stock answer is “Anything I can get my hands on.” It’s not a serious reply, but actually, it is. I love noise. I love visuals. And as a consequence, although I’m acutely aware of the cultural divisions between high and low, I’ve somehow never made that distinction for myself. To this day I don’t understand how someone couldn’t like, say, professional wrestling and jazz (the “Wrazz” of this blog’s moniker) and be knowledgeable about both.
I'm looking forward to the coming attractions.


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