Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Writing Tips from 10,000 Words

Add these to your list of tips to improve your writing. These come from 10,000 Words, one of my favorite journalism sites.

In addition to improving your writing, Mark Luckie presents these ideas to capitalize on concentration:
  1. Eliminate distractions
  2. Write down ideas when you have them
  3. Use a better spellchecker
  4. Tame the Web
  5. Use natural remedies
I plead guilty to allowing myself to be too easily distracted by the overload of interesting stuff on the Web. So that's my focus in the days ahead - Get it done, then it's OK to sneak a peak at Twitter, Facebook and e-mail...

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p.s. Forgetting good ideas that arrive in the shower is not an issue for me, I worry more about forgetting to spray away the cream rinse...

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