Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Social Networking 101

So you've started your own blog, you're on Facebook and you're building your connections on LinkedIn. Now what?

If your goal is to "build your brand" or that of a group to which you belong, Mike Fruchter has provided an excellent checklist of all you can do to become a player in the world of social networking. In "35 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media" he provides a checklist full of great reminders, such as No. 31:
"Be omnipresent on all the networks. I should be able to find out about your latest happenings, and or statuses if I am browsing your Facebook profile, Linked profile, Twitter or FriendFeed stream."
And for those less adventurous than others, Mike offers this encouragement in tip No. 21:
"Don't knock it until you tried it at least once. Be open to trying new multimedia applications that enable self promotion, audience engagement, brand retention and participation. Experiment with podcasting, creating video, slide shows, or creating and posting any type of original user generated content."
I gotta go, I've overlooked some items on the list...


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(Photo credit: "Thoughtful" by adrenalin, courtesy of flickr.com)

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