Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Favorite Commercial of All Time

I've never purchased an Old Spice product, and doubt I ever will. Nevertheless, this commercial is hilarious.

It was a hit today in Media & Society, kicking off our unit on advertising. It's so good, we watched it twice ... it's just as funny the second time through...

Here's a couple interesting tidbits about this ad:
  • It features former NFL player and actor Isaiah Mustafa (as of Feb. 27, he had 2,229 followers on Twitter)
  • It was created by the noted Portland ad agency Wieden+Kennedy
  • It took 57 takes to film the sweater dropping onto Mustafa as the shower gives way to the boat. (See the TWiT netcast: "The Making of Old Spice's Commercial")
Update: The ad has gone viral, with 3.6 million views on YouTube as of Feb. 27. Read all about it in "The Viral Genius of Wieden+Kennedy's New Old Spice Campaign" by Liz Shannon Miller on newteevee.com.


1 comment:

Dr. Gonzo said...

I wear Old Spice, and use the body wash. I never have diamonds just appear in my hands... Now I am depressed because I will never be THAT man. Freaking hilarious commercial though!