Wednesday, March 4, 2009

UO Emerald News Staff Goes on Strike

In a conflict over governance of the University of Oregon's student newspaper, the entire staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald has gone on strike to protest the actions of the newspaper's board of directors.

Here's the latest from the Emerald Web site. Be sure to check out the lengthy list of comments as well.

And this just in ... Steven A. Smith provides his side of the story in a compelling blog post of his own.



Kent said...

Rob, your post illustrates a problem I struggle with when referring to news articles. The URL you included for the Emerald is their home page. So it was really clear if the short article about the strike was the one you had in mind. Plus I watched the video for a while before I realized it was about bike week. I found this link: to a specific article about how the strike got resolved, but I'm not sure if that was what you had in mind. I run into this all the time: blogs with links that are either broken or that refer to a page that is changed from what it had been about.

It seems to me that an important part of using this new medium will be for people to place articles at unique URL's and try to keep the URL functioning. Microfiche was terribly inconvenient, but at least all the old paper articles sat still in chronological order :-)

Ricks terrible blog said...

Somebody on campus told me about this I was glad to read up on it. Good for the staff of the Emerald I would do the same in a heartbeat, the best tests of a persons' integrity come in the face of hardship financial or otherwise and I was glad to see the Emerald was giving no ground. Almost makes me want to work for them.