Monday, October 6, 2008

Debate: Are Blogs Good for Democracy?

I'm looking forward to reading a series of blogs posted this morning on the topic "Are Blogs Good for Democracy?" They were generated from a meeting between Arianna Huffington and the Yale Political Union.

The meeting focused on the question, "Resolved: Blogs Are Good for Democracy." According to the link in the Huffington Post, the guest speaker suggested blogs do indeed support democracy because they challenge the conventional wisdom.

After a "spirited debate," the question was approved by a vote of 33-22.

The Post article includes links to blog posts by four of the Yale students. I was alerted to the story by a post on the Social Media blog.


(Photo credit: Arianna Huffington by eyeliam, courtesy of


Lydia B. Elliott said...

So do you the Ms. Huffington is on the left? I keep meaning to add her blog...I love her.

GabeyGoat said...

I wish i could have attended this, as I'm still wary of blogs as information sources, though I love the idea of publishing being available to anyone.

Linn Benton Community College Library said...

As for blogs being good for democracy:

Public participation - good
thinking w/o filters - not so good

I'm not quite sure as to where I stand yet.