Monday, July 13, 2015

Richard Steeves Appointed Commuter Editor-in-Chief for 2015-16

Richard Steeves, new editor-in-chief
of The Commuter at LBCC.
The Student Publications Committee has appointed next year's editor-in-chief at The Commuter -- Richard Steeves.

Steeves succeeds Allison Lamplugh, who wrapped up her term as top editor of the college's student newspaper and online site with the June 3 issue, the last of the 2014-15 school year.

Steeves, a journalism and communication student at LBCC, begins his tenure with this summer's editions and will serve through the 2015-16 school year.

This past year Steeves worked as a reporter, photographer and copy editor at The Commuter. He covered a variety of stories, ranging from politics and community news to sports.

"Journalists have a responsibility to their readers, and that responsibility is to be honest and ethical," Steeves wrote in his application to become editor-in-chief. "The Commuter's readers are our campus community, and I view it as a huge responsibility not only to tell the community the truth about news events and other important events, but also to do so in a fair and ethical manner."

The duties of The Commuter's editor-in-chief include:
  • Appointing and managing the newspaper's staff of editors, reporters and photographers.
  • Coordinating the work of the staff, including assigning and editing stories and photos.
  • Leading staff meetings and other newspaper activities.
  • Representing the newspaper in the college community.
The college's Student Publications Committee was comprised of faculty members Terrance Millet and Robin Havenick, college marketing staff members Lori Fluge-Brunker and Joe Sherlock, students Ted Holliday, Klayna Palacios, Marci Sischo and Allison Lamplugh, and Student Leadership Council adviser Barb Horn.

To contact Steeves or for more information about getting involved in The Commuter, he can be reached at 541-917-4451 or

Update: In his first decisions at editor-in-chief, Steeves has appointed Melissa Chandler as managing editor and Kyle Braun-Shirley as Arts & Entertainment editor. 

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