Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Allison Lamplugh Appointed Commuter Editor-in-Chief for 2014-15

Allison Lamplugh will be the next editor-in-chief of The Commuter, LBCC's student newspaper and online site. 

Lamplugh, a journalism student at LBCC, will be the top editor for the 2014-15 school year. Her term officially begins at the end of Spring Term. 

Allison Lamplugh will be editor-in-chief
of The Commuter for 2014-15.
The Student Publications Committee appointed Lamplugh Wednesday afternoon. She will succeed TeJo Pack as editor-in-chief.

"The Commuter, as a team of journalists, has an obligation to bring current, accurate and relevant stories to our readers. During Spring Term we had the opportunity to inspire change on campus via our investigative reporting. It was exciting!" she wrote in her application letter. "In my opinion, that's what journalism is all about. Telling the truth for all to see, form their own opinions, and to get involved."

She continued, "The Commuter should be a reflection of the quality of people we have at LBCC and the quality of talent we have writing and editing such stories. It's my goal to be creative with content." 

Lamplugh emphasized building on the creative talents of the current staff, giving returning staffers opportunities to expand their abilities in the coming year, and continuing to make The Commuter accountable to its readers and the LBCC community.

This year Lamplugh has worked as a reporter, photographer and news editor for The Commuter. 

Her work experience includes project manager for Industrial Pixel VFX as well as writer and co-founder of Bear Witness Magazine, both in Los Angeles. She also has worked for Starbucks, Legends Gifts in Nashville, Tenn., and CASH 1/Checksmart in California. She grew up in Philomath.

The duties of The Commuter's editor-in-chief include:
  • Appointing and managing the newspaper's staff of editors, reporters and photographers. 
  • Coordinating the work of the staff, including assigning and editing stories and photos.
  • Leading staff meetings and other newspaper activities.
  • Representing the newspaper in the college community. 
Contact The Commuter staff at or 541-917-4451.


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