Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sean Bassinger next in line to lead LBCC Commuter

Sean Bassinger will be the next editor-in-chief of The Commuter, LBCC's student newspaper.

Bassinger was appointed Wednesday afternoon by the college's Student Publications Committee, which includes LBCC students, staff and faculty. Bassinger will succeed Jill Mahler, who will wrap up her year-long stint as editor with the last edition of Spring Term.
Sean Bassinger has been appointed
the next editor-in-chief
of LBCC's Commuter newspaper.

"I'm honored to serve as next year's editor-in-chief at The Commuter," Bassinger said. "We have an excellent staff and outstanding incoming contributors, so next year will be exciting for both student journalists and readers alike."

Over the past year, Bassinger has served The Commuter primarily as a contributing writer and copy editor. He has reported on a variety of campus issues, from changes in campus leadership and tuition to activities such as Day of Silence and Science Week. He also has written commentaries on video gaming and proposed changes in laws concerning internet piracy and privacy.

In his application to become editor-in-chief, Bassinger wrote, "The Commuter must offer readers relevant, up-to-date content for our college and local community. It's essential for writers and editors to focus on topics they're passionate about, but we also have a responsibility to provide honest and accurate new on current events."

Bassinger also noted that he and the other members of the newspaper staff have a responsibility to serve as mentors to other students, giving them "the tools they need to succeed as journalists."

Bassinger, who lives in Corvallis, has been a contributing writer for along with editing for gaming sites Press Pause Radio and Crush! Frag! Destroy! After LBCC, he plans to enroll in the New Media Communications program at Oregon State University.

His term as editor-in-chief at The Commuter runs through the 2012-13 academic year. The duties of editor-in-chief include:

  • Appointing and managing the newspaper's staff of editors, reporters and photographers.
  • Coordinating the work of the staff, including assigning and editing stories and photos.
  • Leading staff meetings and other newspaper activities.
  • Representing the newspaper in the college community.


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